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Quick Disconnect Coupling

We are a leading supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic quick release couplings, and stock a vast variety of fittings within this range. Quick Release Couplings are sometimes referred to as Quick Disconnects (QD’s) or Quick Connects and are designed for fast, tool-free, connections and disconnections of hose and pipelines. Quick Release couplings replace laborious threaded and flanged connections, saving time and money and typically incorporate valves, which self seal on disconnection preventing costly spillage of fluid or gas. Various materials, styles and features are available, including single shut off and ‘straight through’ versions.

The quick disconnect couplings we carry include for the industry of pneumatic, hydraulic, oil and gas in the flat or flush face couplings, no spill or dry break type form of single shut-off, double shut-off , valved and non-valved(plain coupling) , poppet style which conform to MIL-C-51234 for hydraulic and pneumatic applications and also best suited for general purpose. Also, the ISO-A and ISO B quick disconnect couplings with material available in SS316, brass and steel.

Drybreak, non-spill couplings – Drybreak: A term given to a sliding sleeve style hydraulic quick disconnect with features that include an ability to connect with virtually no air inclusion or disconnect with little or no spillage. It’s also commonly referred to as No-Spill, Flat Face, or Flush Face Couplings. Chemical couplings – Designed for severe service applications including aromatic hydrocarbons, caustics, and even highly acidic materials, these quick connect hose couplings are manufactured with specialized materials and seals for safety and long life.

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