Composite Hose

Composite Hose Supplier in Malaysia

When there is WT Hose & Coupling Sdn Bhd, it is not difficult to find high-grade composite hoses in Malaysia. We are not only composite hose suppliers, but our products comply with international standards for different applications such as truck loading, ship loading and unloading, general industry use with flange ends, coupling ends and threaded ends connection.

Composite hoses come in various types, and they are used according to the needs of different industries. The chemical compatibility affects the type of material that we use to create the composite hose. For now, we offer materials like polypropylene, PTFE or Hostaflon lining for our composite hoses. For the internal and external wires of the composite hoses, we use Stainless Steel 316, galvanised steel, aluminium or special coated steel as required for transferring chemical products. High or low-temperature resistant layers are also available for specific applications. As a leading composite hose supplier in Malaysia, we offer custom-made designs as well for clients with special requests.

These composite hoses are lightweight and flexible, while being able to withstand a temperature from a range of -30°C to + 100°C. These hoses are meant for transferring chemicals fluid, oil, gas etc due to their ability to withstand strong chemical properties. Additionally, they are mainly used in ship to shore operations and industrial usage, where they are able to endure rough handling conditions. These hoses are all produced according to the guidelines for ship to shore transfer operations, therefore they are proven to be safe.

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