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If you’re looking for a ducting hose supplier in Malaysia, WT Hose & Coupling Sdn Bhd will be your go-to store for all types of ducting hose that you need. Taking the lead in being a ducting hose supplier in Malaysia, our ducting hoses are widely used for fumes, dusts, ventilation, air vacuum, solid and liquid transfer etc. We offer a myriad of ducting such as PVC ducting, PU ducting, neoprene-coated-polyester fabric ducting, silicone-coated glass fabric, thermoplastic rubber with PP coated spring steel spiral wire, semi-rigid aluminium duct and aluminium foil duct. Our wide selection ensures that you will find the most suitable type of ducting for your hoses. We are also able to supply ventilation duct and other types of material based on request on MOQ.

Our PU duct hose is lightweight and highly flexible polyurethane duct hose reinforced with rigid material helix. There will be minimum frictional loss achieved by smooth bore. It offers a considerably longer life than PVC ducting due to increased abrasion resistance and mechanical strength. It is excellent for conveyance applications requiring abrasion-resistance, flexibility and compressibility. It is widely used in wood-working, electronic and other industrial applications.

Furthermore, its longevity and resilience makes silicone ducting ideal for long-term installations and sensitive areas where immediate repair and maintenance may not always be possible. Their anti-kinking properties prevent the hose material from becoming twisted upon itself, or with other lengths of duct. This feature helps to additionally prevent the formation of clots and blockages within your lengths of silicone hose, rending them fully capable of delivering the constant and reliable airflow that you need. Anti-kinking properties additionally serve to ensure the longevity of your ducts but allowing them to remain undamaged and functional. As a renowned ducting hose supplier in Malaysia, we have so much more to offer you, so please contact us for more information on ducting hoses and other hose and coupling products.

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