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PVC Hose Supplier in Malaysia

WT Hose and Coupling Sdn Bhd is a PVC hose supplier that stands out from our competitors because of our high-quality products and excellent service. PVC hoses are widely used at home and in different industries because they are convenient, affordable and can be used for many applications.We offer PVC suction hoses, PVC spring hoses and many more that have different specifications and formulations. Our PVC suction hoses are lightweight, highly flexible, and have a small bend radius. The inner bore is smooth as well to ensure optimum flow of materials like liquid, powder and granules. Additionally, the wire, spiral or braid reinforcement makes it more durable and suitable for a wide variety of uses. Chemical processing, beverage transfer, water transfer, waste product lines, vacuum line are some of the uses of PVC among many others.

WT Hose is a popular PVC hose supplier as many customers return to purchase our PVC hoses. Apart from general PVC hoses, we offer PVC polyester cord-reinforced non-toxic hose and PVC compressed air hose. The polyester cord-reinforced non-toxic hose is meant for food and beverages as it is odourless, transparent and does not contain toxins. On the other hand, the PVC-compressed air hose is made of tough PVC materials and high-tensile polyester reinforcement, which enables it to work under high-pressure conditions.

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