Stainless Steel Hose

Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Supplier In Malaysia

If you need stainless steel flexible hoses for commercial use, look for WT Hose and Coupling Sdn Bhd, a top supplier for this product in Malaysia. We can provide corrugated stainless steel flexible hose assembly that will meet your stringent technical specification. We are able to supply hoses, together with a variety of end connections of different materials which are usually TIG welded. The stainless steel flexible hose usually come in 6mm (1/4”) to 300mm (12”). The annular corrugated hose body makes the hose flexible and gives a tight pressure on the core of the assembly. This flexible hose can withstand temperatures of -270°C to +700°C, and it can compensate for thermal expansion and contraction in the piping system. It is strong, fire resistant, moisture resistant and corrosion resistant. Its flexibility allows it to be used for stiff piping in difficult areas. Furthermore, while helping to connect misaligned rigid piping, it also absorbs and dampens vibration.

Unbraided hose will elongate when pressure rises above the limit. On the contrary, external stainless steel wire braiding increases the internal pressure strength of the hose, allowing longitudinal expansion of corrugated hoses. Unbraided corrugated hoses tend to elongate when pressurised above a certain level. To restrain this, an external layer of stainless steel wire braiding is provided on the hose. Braiding prevents longitudinal expansion of corrugated hose and thus increases the internal pressure strength of the hose many fold. Braiding is highly flexible and exactly follows the movements of the hose. Stainless steel bellow expansion joints are offered as well to absorb axial movement for low to medium pressure or temperature pipeline. Additionally, bellow type flexible joints are designed to absorb vibration of pumps or small movement of pipeline. We can weld bellows to fixed flanges, floating flange, pipe etc, with tie-rod and inner sleeve if requested by clients.

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