Ducting Hose

aluminium rigid ducting hose

Aluminium Semi Rigid

A flexible aluminium ducting hose of corrugate construction with triple locking seam. It is available either uninsulated or factory insulated with fiberglass and sheathed with an outer aluminium vapour barrier reinforced with fiberglass scrim.
  • Is resilient and tough; Maintains its full diameter on bends.
  • Presents low resistance to air flow when installed with large sweeping curves.
  • Dampens mechanical vibrations; Lightweight construction
  • Easily corrects for misalignments during installation and permits relocation of diffusers, etc.
  • Can be used with standard fittings and outlets. Can be easily cut and joined.
  • Is easy to transport and store in its compressed package.
  • Ends of duct can be easily shaped to connect oval fittings.

Recommended for use in medium and low, positive and negative pressure HVAC system whereby a metallic, non-combustible internal surface is required. It is a particularly cost effective duct for use negative pressure ventilation system in commercial and domestic kitchen exhaust


  • Diameter
    Nominal diameters from 100mm to 250mm in 25mm increments and 250mm to 500mm in 50mm increments.
  • Length
    6 meters + 1% for 100-250mm diameter.
    3 meters + 1% for 300-500mm diameter

Temperature Limits

  • Uninsulated
    250°C maximum on inernal & external surface
  • Insulated
    130°C maximum on internal surface.
    80°c maximum on external surface.

Rated velocity – 30 m/sec maximum

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