Ducting Hose

Portable Ventilator Hose

Yellow Ventilation Ducting Hose


Material :
High Density Polyester  Weave Coated  PVC  On Both Sides.
Reinforce Steel Wire Helix

Color :

Single Length:

Temperature resistance:
-20°C up to + 80°C

Mining, Aerospace, HVAC.

Properties :
Flame Retardant
Highly Flexible
Steel Wire Spiral is Abrasion Reistant with Rubber Cover
Polyester Fabric Coated with PVC is  Leakage Resistance


This 12″ Ventilation Duct Hose is usually use accompanied with a portable exhaust fan use in a variety of environment. The place which uses this extremely flexible hose are mining, airport tunnel, basement, waste gas.

This air duct is also use to extract light duty dust and fumes and provide air movement in stale places underground and also a connection between grilles, diffusers, fans and other air movement units to keep the air flowing in stales places.

Portable Ventilator Hose is also use in Aerospace, air duct cleaning, AC ventilation, blower hose, cold air supply, confined space ventilation, big function of tents HVAC, laser engraving, mining works, utility blowers, wave pool blowers.

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