Hose Fabrication & Welding Services

We cover most of the hose fabrication and hose welding work as long as we have the materials and sizes that you require. WT Hose & Coupling Sdn Bhd provides one-stop services for our clients so as to save searching and down time. Our list of services include hydraulic fabrication and repair, industrial hose fabrication, SS hose welding, hose crimping and hydrotest services upon request.
Our professional welders are paired with a range of machines such as CNC, lathe and milling machines in order to bring you high-quality welding and fabrication services that are hard to compete with. The materials that we offer are brass, stainless steel, mild steel, nylon, polypropylene and Teflon to suit the requirements of clients that come from chemical, pneumatic, hydraulic, oil & gas industries.
Due to the size of our inventory, we are able to ship ordered items or begin work immediately. Apart from our inventory, we still continue to stock special fittings as part of our individual services, if requested by customers. Our experienced sales team will give you the right product, instead of merely supplying them to you. We strive hard to uphold our standards and improve ourselves so that we can continue to supply products of fine quality to our loyal clientele.


We do hose fabrication to what customer needs and requires.


Certified skilled worker at tig welding, Flexible metal hose welding of end connection to customers specs.


Hydro test hose assembly to customer needs. Third party test and observation are welcome.


Small – medium and large size crimping machine for various sizes.


Dye Penetration and PMI , Radiographic test available on request.

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