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Hose Clip

Our hose clip are suitable for most common household and automotive applications. The bands have clean punched rectangular perforation that holds strongly and connects easily.

The design in mind of this device is to lock a hose onto a pipe. Using the worm gear turning with a screw you can reduce the internal diameter.

To use it, simply find the right size by measuring the outer diameter of the hose and find the most suitable size. Slip them on then use a screw to tighten until fitting insert it tightly lock in place.

We have been supplying these type of hose clamp since 1996. We years of experience we are now one of the more reliable suppliers in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. If you have any inquiry regarding our products or need any assistance please don’t hesitate to send us an email at out contact us page. Our supportive in house sales team will be more than happy to assist you on your next purchasing.


  • 1) 1/2″ Band width
    • HAS – All 300 grade stainless steel hose clip
    • HS- Band, Housing 300 stainless except Hex Head Plated Carbon Steel


  • 2) 5/16″ Band width
    • MAH- All 300 grade stainless
    • MH- Band, Housing 300 stainless except Hex Head Plated Carbon Steel


Part No: MAH – Fully S/S, MH – Semi S/S

Hose Clip Sizes

Diameter (mm)



004 6 16
005 11 17
006 8 22
008 11 25
010 13 27
012 14 32
016 18 38
020 25 44
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