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Silicone Tube


Silicone tubing due to its outstanding property it is resistance to  high temperatures, plus its good for electrical properties combine with the benefit to self extinguish, which makes it an excellent choice for appliances and computer applications.

Our Silicone Tubing is extremely resistant to ozone and U.V. over long time periods.  Although it has strong properties proper care is still recommended for the lifespan of this tubing. Proper fittings and clamps are recommended for the use with this tubing as sharp barbs and unline metal clamps could tear into the wall and possibly cause failure in the overall systems used with.

Silicone Tubing are meant for high temperature and low pressure usage. If this tubing it repeatedly expose to high temperature and pressure, the silicone will eventually relax and become gummy. It should then be replaced for reduce failure in the overall system.

Item No. OD ID Length
SLC 03/1 3mm 1mm 100M
SLC 03/2 3mm 2mm 100M
SLC 04/2 4mm 2mm 100M
SLC 05/3 5mm 3mm 100M
SLC 06/3 6mm 3mm 100M
SLC 06/4 6mm 4mm 100M
SLC 08/5 8mm 5mm 100M
SLC 09/6 9mm 6mm 100M
SLC 10/6 10mm 6mm 100M
SLC 10/7 10mm 7mm 100M
SLC 12/8 12mm 8mm 100M
SLC 15/10 15mm 10mm 100M
SLC 16/12 16mm 12mm 100M
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