kc nipple

KC Nipple & Hose Mender


KC Nipple are suitable hose coupling for connection between pipe connection and flexible hose usually use with valve and strainer and other uses.

Some other use are to be welded onto flanges for more variety of connection.

Installation of this is fairly simple and straightforward. Simply slide the Hose into the barb inside and either crimp or lock on with a hose clip depending on application and pressure. The other side a easy screw on will complete the assembly.

King Combination Nipples are recommended for 10 bar working pressure discharge and suction service for compatible liquids. They are not for compressible products such as air or nitrogen on size 1 1/4″ and above.

*Safety alert: King Combination Nipples are not recommended for Steam.

Material: SS 316, SS 304, Mild Steel and Brass


Figure Left: Hose Mender
Figure Right: KC Nipple

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