Ducting Hose

silicone ducting hose

Silicon Duct Hose


Material :
Silicone-coated-glassfabric, single or double-ply.

Color :

Single Length:

Temperature resistance:
-85°C up to + 300°C

Silicone-coated-glass-fabric, single or double-ply.

Properties :
Excellent heat resistance,maintains flexibility at low temperatures.



Silicone Duct Hose is designed for temperatures up to 300° C and for medium pressure handling of air, dust, fumes, and light powders. Available in 2 Ply and sizes from 1″ dia. to 12″ dia.

Silicone  duct hose is resistant to hardening, cracking, ozone attack, sunlight, moisture, steam, dust, aging, various pressure ranges and to many chemicals too. Additional advantages of Silicone are it is easier to install and run than ridged pipe, is not subject to corrosion, stress, or cracking, and it absorbs engine movement and vibration.

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